Dear our friends in the world: Prevent TPP.

Hello, my friends

I am an ordinary nation living in Japan.

In Japan in which I live, the unequal treaty called TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is concluded, and the country itself is trying to be ruined.

Japan’s Prime Minister announced the negotiation participation in TPP on March 15, 2013.

However, this was forced, being unable to obtain national consent.

The criticism to the Prime Minister having announced the participation in TPP is going up from the inside and outside of Japan.

TPP is a system for the mammoth capitalist who is only 1% of the world to govern the remaining 99% as a slave.

Many Japanese people do not know this problem.

A reason is because mass media of Japan abandoned the original role of criticizing and supervising the government, was conversely reduced to governmental public relations and has brainwashed the Japanese people.

This problem is not a thing of only TPP.

When a nuclear power plant disaster occurred in a Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on March 11, 2011, mass media of Japan was advertizing the radioactive contamination which must originally be danger, saying “It is safe.”

Many Japanese people do not know that it is a place where Tokyo which is a capital in Japan is already too much dangerous for people living.

Some of politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists criticized the present condition of Japan.

However, after that, they are killed or have been deprived of the social status.

For some Japanese people who are interested in TPP, a nuclear power plant disaster, etc., information has not already been acquired from Japanese television or newspaper.

They acquire information on the Internet and are looking for truth from the inside.

The demonstration which broke out in these two years in Japan, and a protest are the declaration of intention as hard as possible which the Japanese people who woke up true has performed.

However, the Japanese government does not try to lend an ear to the voice of their criticism.

Now, a Japanese politician and bureaucrat, and mass media are trying to sell the sovereignty of Japan over to the U.S. by participating in TPP.

If this is realized, it will become impossible for Japan to continue existing as an advanced nation, and many Japanese people will become extinct.

Moreover, if this is realized, it is all the areas on the earth, and a possibility that the same tragedy as a TPP participating nation will happen is high.

Not only Japan but Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea that concluded the U.S. and South Korea FTA are already troubled by the unequal treaty.

It is a wish to you, the heads of the democratic state in the world.
Please prevent TPP!

And it is a wish to you who live in the democratic state in the world.
Please help us, in order to prevent TPP!

In order not to make the earth to love into the world of being hard to live more, the power of our friends in the world is required because of global peace realization!


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